Guido paints Portland NSW Australia…

Over the past 2 months, I’ve had the very real privilege of watching the silos at the old Portland Cement works, being transformed into a huge and wonderful piece of art.

Talented international artist Guido Van Helten, has been painting huge murals of Portland community members onto the silos over April and May this year.

It’s very exciting to see the transformation happening and to be able to stand in front of them.

I have long admired Guido’s work (from all over the world ..and only on the screen) and never imagined it would be a part of my local area!

Guido is continuing his work and as I write, the 6th silo is probably finished now.. or almost… There are 8 silos in total.

As yet, we are not aware of who the murals represent, but they are local people with a connection to the Cement Works. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

They are beautiful, sensitive and realistic murals of very real people.

Portland is a small working town approx 2 hours drive northwest? of Sydney.. over the Blue Mountains. The Portland Cement works formally opened in 1902.

The Australian Autumn skies have been pretty wonderful too, over these past 2 months.. and very changeable.

Can’t wait to see more… of both the silos and our skies!


7 thoughts on “Guido paints Portland NSW Australia…

    1. Hi Litonya 👋💕 Guido’s work is stunning, beautiful.. and large 😀
      It is so cool to be able to watch the progression. So exciting!
      ..and yes the old factory buildings… would love to have a look one day. It would be verry fun to explore 😎


    1. Hello Julie – lovely to hear from you too. Thanks 😀 Oh yes amazing talent and Guido is so good at what he does. It is a great idea and its been brilliant to watch!
      How are things at FPF? xx

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