A crochet blanket finish..

Hello. I have something to write about!

I’ve just posted a pic over on Instagram, sharing my new finish… and I shared this thought there…

“Isn’t it just amazing that we / anyone can make a tactile ‘something’ with just yarn,Β  a hook and/or needles?”

I truly think it’s fantastic!

This crochet blanket has taken time over most of this year to complete… I have had intermittent breaks in between, but a lot of my creative time has been moving towards, discussing or working on this blanket.

It’s a project that my Sister-In-Law and I have been collaborating on – making a blanket each – for 2 of the Mums in our family. It’s been a very fun, at times exhausting – and now, a very satisfying joint effort. I so enjoy working on a similar project with someone else – the outcomes are always so different.. and exciting!

Using the same materials (colours differ) and basically the same idea/pattern, we have created 2 similar and yet very different blankets. If you want to see my SIL’s blanket, pop over to her Instagram and say hi πŸ™‚

Here are some pics of my completed blanket… and one progress shot.

Both Mums were unwell, starting the year with cancer (yep, both). We’re very thankful, they are doing well now.

We’ll be gifting these blankets at Christmas-time… and we’re both pretty excited to see our Mum’s faces πŸ™‚

I’m very much enjoying being tactile again!


2 replies to “A crochet blanket finish..

    1. Thank you Julie.. Yes it will great to finally pass them to their owners.
      So lovely to hear from you too.
      Tried to comment on your blog the other day, but perhaps my new changes hadn’t taken effect as yet.

      Liked by 1 person

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