November – ‘makes’ in yarn..

November has been a very cold month here on the Central Tablelands in Australia.  Unseasonally cold for the last days of spring (almost summer) weather… with the coolest morning down to 4 deg C.  Brr!

Christmas is a month away and it’s jumper and beanie weather.. and it has been for weeks! Crazy. I need the beach!!

On the farm, we are extremely thankful for the rain (not the wind!!) that has come, as we have have feed growing – and there is some green now – after a long and dry year. We are not out of drought yet, but there is feed for the stock!! ..and we may even get to make hay.

So… because it’s been cold, I’ve been playing with yarn – making a few bits and pieces and I thought I’d share some of these with you.

I’ve been making Christmas decorations – for pressies and the tree – with some lovely cottons ..these are just a few..


Pom poms and tassels.. love making these!  They take me back to childhood.  Simple old fashioned things bring joy 🙂


I also had fun playing with some wonderful textures and colours. This ‘cloth’ was created by combining different types of yarn, crocheted together… .. and I used up scraps.. love that!

..and now they are a cushion!

I learned a new technique too – one I hadn’t tried previously. Corner to corner crochet. This was a very fun project.. and part of a Crochet Along (CAL) run by Rosina at Zeens and Roger. Did I say it was fun? It was 🙂

I also have some WIPs (works in progress) in the works… no pics as yet though..

  • A beanie – it’s cold enough to be playing with wool.  This is a knitted project that’s been around for way too long.. and I don’t really like knitting, but I’d like it finished… so I’ve been working on that. Not sure that it will be fabulous – but it will be finished 🙂
  • A light and small blanket for my Mum… using a Scheepjes Whirl (Melting Macaron – a soft pastel whirl) – the first time I’ve used one.  Love watching the graduations appear 🙂
  • Another pillow, that I accidentally started while trying to create a back for the pillow shown above.

I made a skinny scarf for a birthday pressie… again no pics.. as yet… and fiddling with a few other creations and playing with some ideas, but nothing to speak of presently.

That’s about it for this very yarny post. It’s been a great month for creating and it always restarts the thought and design process.

I’ve so enjoyed getting back to crochet this year.

Have a great week!

Robyn xx


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