Sharing artistic inspiration..

Where do our artistic inspirations come from? Where do we find ideas? I suspect this is something we all ask ourselves now and then..

Inspiration comes from many places.. Thoughts, seeing, music, videos, other’s work and so much more.. Walking through an art gallery – through nature – or reading through an online site we enjoy, can all provide inspiration… to help us move forward with our own ideas.

Over the past 3 months, I’ve been spending more time in my journal – sketching and playing with illustration… finding my own way and being inspired by others.. and moving forward with a view to spending some time researching other’s work… and improving my own style.

These are some of my sketches, doodles and experiments..

..and some inspired by nature and my own natural surroundings..

Today I’d like to share one resource that I am finding to be – very real, honest, funny and helpful.  It’s called The Honest Designers Show.

The Honest Designers show is a series of Podcasts where four talented designers/artists talk honestly about all things ‘creative’..

The show is directed towards designers, but I think, definitely applies to all artists, regardless of our chosen mediums and areas.

If you do give it a try, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Love learning.. and enjoy the artist process.

Looking through the camera lens is always great inspiration for me. Where do you find inspiration?

Have a great week!

Robyn xx


Experiments with Ink blot miniatures..

This past week, I’ve been experimenting with some ink blots in miniature.

For each miniature – roughly 4in or 10cm square – I’m simply working with watercolour paper and ink and I did mostly use only 2 colours for each little piece.

I really liked this idea.. and the uncertainty of it – not knowing the outcome.

This time my experiments were quick, but I’d like to do this again.

The first time I made a combined mud mess (see below), but it was interesting.. and I learned that I needed to reduce the ink and water I put down, so it didn’t move as far.

For each little piece, I placed water on the paper and dropped ink into the water…

..and watched it move – the wonderfully magical part!

Next, I carefully placed scrunched cling wrap (plastic wrap, glad wrap etc..) over each wet piece and placed heavy items on top.. and set it aside to dry for approx 2 or more hours. I think perhaps the longer they dry, the better the results.

..and these were some of my results.

I love the details and the textures.. and how the colours combine to become oceans or mountain peaks.

Colours used: Inks – indigo, prussian blue, flame red and lemon yellow. Acrylic – soft pink.

I’m definitely going to try this again soon.

Found and kept items..

Found items: Yesterday I collected some small items, that were simply laying on the ground.. it’s good to pay attention to the little things.. you never know what treasures you’ll find.

I wanted a closer view… to really see what they looked like… I used a left over palette from an acrylic painting for my background.

I was as interested in the paint textures and palette, as I was with my found objects!

Here are the ‘found items’ viewed through the lens (hover for details).

Discarded man made textile
textured bark.
A very tiny gum nut… approx 5mm across (just a little more than 1/4 inch)

Kept items: This tiny leaf is one I kept, as I loved the saw tooth edges… it is now dried and still looks as wonderful as when it was fresh.

Well, this is my first journal entry… I hope to print these and keep a real journal of my findings here, as I go.


Hello… and welcome!

Well.. here I am again, starting another new journey… an online journal. A place to record some of my ‘doings’ and hopefully to share some inspiration along the way.

I have finally worked out, that I am a restless creative.. someone who likes to try different things. Working and learning with my favourite mediums, which are presently painting, photography and illustration… and even jotting down a few poetic words here or there?

I love textiles and handmade and am starting to revisit handmade again after a long break.

My style involves ’embracing the ordinary’..and finding a little magic here or there. I’m inspired by the everyday – the things that can be and are most often overlooked.

I like to ‘go with the flow’ and experiment to see ‘what happens’.. and enjoy touches of whimsy, creating silly fun and looking at beautiful nature and the details within. There is so much to see.

In April of this year, I retired my old site Captivate Me. It was time for change.. and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a break away from the screen.

Over this break, I’ve spent much time creating, doodling and writing in my real ‘tactile’ journals, which is something I’d like to continue. I have to say I’m finding it very therapeutic!

I hope this blog will be one of ‘positivity’ (did I make up that word? I may have!) and encouragement.

Robyn xx